Wedding Day Glow - Meghan Markle’s Pre-Wedding Facial Routine and the Ultimate 3 Step Guide

The wedding of the year between Prince Harry & Meghan Markle is less than 24 hours away and that got us wondering… What is the bride to be’s pre-wedding routine? Specifically, Facials. 

It is recommended that if you already have a facial routine before your weeding, not to change it to much to quick. And especially not to use any new products 4 weeks before the big day.

Facialist to the stars, Nichola Joss - who boasts a range of celebrity clientele including Ms Markle, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez, has revealed the ultimate 3 step guide to an effective, pre wedding skincare regime.

Nichola Joss’s  Ultimate 3 step guide.jpg

She also recommends Decléor's Prolagène Lift Contouring Lift Firm Mask to be used on the morning of the wedding. 

'What a gentle facial will do is encourage good facial contours, get rid of any puffiness, keep the lights of the eyes nice and sparkly,' she explained.

'It’s infused with lots of great ingredients for feeding and lifting the skin, and it’s got a great to smell it. It keeps you calm, encourages you to massage, and will lift and tighten the skin.' 

'You definitely want to be very gentle on your skin. Massage your skin every day, to remove any tensions and stress. 

'Ideally you want a massage routine within your skincare, using balms, oils and natural products which will really help to calm and nourish the skin.' 

Decléor's Prolagène Lift Contouring Lift Firm Mask is available to purchase in salon or from our online store.