CND is here to save you time

Back in 2010, CND launched it's new innovative professional manicure system and christened it CND Shellac. It was and still is hardwearing, instant drying, long lasting and clients have enjoyed it's 2 week long shininess ever since.

Present day 2018, there is a new kid on the block by the name of Shellac Luxe and it looks to be making the gel manicure even more convenient and enticing for clients and pros alike.


CND claim that using the new system will cut the application and removal time of the gel by 15 minutes. They managed this firstly by moving from a three stage application to a two stage. So instead of applying three coats (base, colour, top) and having to place your hands under the lamp after each, the base coat and colour polish are applied together out of the same bottle with a gloss top coat to finish it off. Just as the original, the new process won't effect the result or durability and should last you at least 14 days.

The second way in which they've cut the treatment time is in the removal. The original Shellac system takes about 10 minutes to soak off. Thanks to the new 'unique, micropore coating' that allows the remover to penetrate quicker, Shellac Luxe gel will be ready to remove in just 60 seconds.

Saving time, great! But that's not it. Due to the dramatically reduced time at the soak off stage and the less likely use of a destructive physical removal, the health of your nails will improve exponentially. Paired with CND SolarOil and RescueRXx, you'll be on top of your nail game.

15 Exclusive CND Shellac Luxe shades

15 Exclusive CND Shellac Luxe shades

Shellac Luxe will be available in the UK towards the end of July in 65 amazing shades along with 15 exclusives. So the time you'll save on application and removal can be spent on choosing which colour you want. Decisions decisions.