CloudCloth® (Pack of 3)

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CloudCloth® (Pack of 3)

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CloudCloth® pure cotton cleansing cloths.Put your best face forward with our gentle, dual effect pure woven cotton cleansing cloths.  One side is cloud-soft and suitable for the most sensitive of skin - even the delicate eye area. The other side buffs away dead cells to encourage a flawless complexion. Three CloudCloth's in each pack.

Your best skin, responsibly. 

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One side of the CloudCloth® is super soft like cotton wool, perfect for removing make-up, masks and other skincare products.  Suitable for sensitive skin, even around the delicate eye area.  


The other side of the CloudCloth® buffs skin offering enhanced daily exfoliation. Skin feels refreshed, revived and more than just clean. 


CloudCloth® is made in the UK and crafted from pure woven cotton. CloudCloth® can be washed ready to go again, and again. Moving away from disposable cleansing products means you're doing good for both your skin and the planet. 

Kind to the Environment

CloudCloth® comes packaged in handpicked translucent paper.  The luxe appeal makes it the perfect treat, or gift.  It is somewhat satisfying tearing the packet open! Simply recycle as paper.